Zeiss Ikon
Super Nettel II – 92/99
2000 Produced

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Germany 1936 – Compact – 35 mm – Rare.

The Super Nettel was produced from 1934 by Zeiss Ikon.

It was intended to be a cheaper, fixed lens, derivative of the Contax I but still remained a high quality, expensive device.

The build quality and attention to details is incredible, like the hollow focusing wheel ideally positioned on the upper left corner of the lens panel letting you focus the camera with the middle finger while your index remains on the shutter release.

The Super Nettel represents one of the best examples of camera designs transitioning from folding to compact body. It successfully mixed a folding bellow with an extremely rigid mechanism making it a very reliable and practical camera. 

The Super Nettel II, introduced in 1936, was a special version with a chrome finish. It was a limited edition, with only 2000 bodies made.

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