Stylophot – 93/99
Private eye camera

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France 1955 – Spy Camera – 16 mm – Infrequent.

The Stylophot is a pocketable mini camera which makes 10x10mm images on 16mm film.

It was produced in France in 1955 and presented as a “pen” camera, due to its resemblance to a fountain pen with the pen clip attached to the side. “Stylo” being the French for pen.

⁠The Stylophot  uses its own cartridge system where the film is transported from one cartridge to the other without ever rewinding. Film is advanced and the shutter cocked by pulling the silver tab on top of the camera. The same tab will lock the shutter when the camera is not in use.

The pin on the side allows for the camera to be held in an internal vest pocket, allowing discreet photography by opening the jacket.

Contrary to other small sized cameras that were more novelties than real cameras, the Stylophot was actually used by private eyes in the 50s.

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