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The 99 Cameras Museum is open to a community of up to 99 Founder Members. We are passionate about Photography and Vintage Cameras.


Studio Harcourt : The Art of revealing and sublimating through the Portrait since 1934. (#20)

Imagined by Cosette Harcourt, the Studio Harcourt, took its marks in 1934 in the very chic 8th arrondissement of Paris and preserves and cultivates the fundamental values ​​that have forged its success and reputation : the requirement of excellence, respect for an aesthetic, French elegance and a very Parisian art of welcoming.

Studio Harcourt’s aesthetic draws its heritage from the glamorous roots of the golden age of French black and white cinema. Often imitated but never equaled, the Harcourt style has become a pledge of eternity, an iconographic reference which, over the years, has established itself as an essential signature.

A true institution, today labeled “Living Heritage Company”, Harcourt is the pictorial memory of the great artistic, cultural and political figures of the 20th century, the legend stands out as obvious, defying the passage of time.

AgfaPhoto : A Pioneer in Photography. (#22)

Founded in 1867, the AGFA company (later Agfa-Gevaert) has evolved into a leading producer and constant innovator in the field of imaging worldwide.

As a trusted German brand with a history spanning over 150 years, AgfaPhoto stands out as an iconic brand in the photography market.

Significant investments between 1996 and 2016 have contributed to building strong brand recognition, fostering great affinity, and instilling trust.

Today, AgfaPhoto offers consumer cameras for individuals aged 3 to 77, available throughout Europe.

Ilford Photo : An Analog Legend. (#25)

Formed from humble beginnings in 1879, when Alfred Hugh Harman began making Gelatine dry plates in the basement of his house in Ilford, United Kingdom, the Ilford name has remained one of the oldest and most established in the photographic industry.

Ilford Photo is probably one of the most classical brands when it comes to analog photographical products. Ilford photo’s black and white films are loved worldwide by its customers.

Today their range of products includes all you need for analog photography. Everything from the classical film Pan F, single use cameras, pop up darkrooms, analog paper for enlargements and chemicals to develop your film and paper. We can guarantee you that you will find products that are suitable for you and your purpose.

Salon de la Photo : The Paris Photography Show. (#27)

Since 2007, the Salon de la Photo has been offering photographers all the products and services they need to pursue their passion or profession. Since 2022, the Salon de la Photo has been held at the Grande Halle de la Villette, making it the largest photo studio ever set up.

Photographers, videographers, content creators, expert amateurs, novices, or professionals experience something unique in this magical place, with all the resources to meet their needs, desires, and expectations: to exhibit, dream, get inspired, equip themselves, meet, share, train, improve, experiment, and work.


Eyeshot : The first independent publisher of Street and Documentary Photography (#3)

Eyeshot is devoted to printing and distributing Art publications dedicated to the most influential authors in the contemporary worldwide Photography scene. Every publication is printed in limited edition and hand-numbered.

All About Photo : The most far-reaching online photography magazine (#4)

Since its creation in 2013, All About Photo also presents an international perspective on contemporary photography, with an eye toward beauty, artistic significance and timeless quality. AAP seeks to present exceptional work from around the world as well as meaningful resources.

Blind Magazine : Photography at first sight (#24)

Blind is an online magazine that tells visual stories about the world, through the coverage of photographic news and cultural, social, and geographical phenomena, in French and English.

The NFT Morning (#55)

Hosted by Rémy and John for over 2 years, the NFT Morning is France’s most influential daily podcast about NFTs. Recorded live every morning on Clubhouse or Twitter space.


Obscura : Empowering Artists. Fostering Community. Curating Photography. (#6)

Obscura is a growing and vibrant community of artists, collectors, curators, and builders, brought together with a mission to produce NFT native photography. We envision the blockchain as the first place for photographic images to commence their cultural circulation. Through thoughtful curation, we enable collectors to support and assemble new work from a diverse group of artists around the world.

Moonspace : First digital collectible platform for art galleries (#8)

The Analog Club : The best way to start shooting film! (#14)

The Analog Club is an analog film enthusiasts community created in 2016. We’re developing a media, a brand and a gallery about this medium. Creators of the The Analog Box, the best way to start shooting film! : The most beautiful photography NFTs. (#15)

Light is a curated publisher of photography with a focus on Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Through our curated collections, we highlight art which is valuable for its own sake. Beauty, emotion, meaning, story, technique, relevance, and uniqueness are some of the criteria we use to select the work which we make available through our collections.

Rhapsody Curated: Elevating photography to new heights. (#15)

Rhapsody Curated is a platform that showcases photography projects with a focus on NFTs. Every few months, our team curates a collection of 3 to 5 photography series that fit within a specific theme. We employ various sale methods to provide collectors with the best opportunity to acquire unique photographs from the chosen series.

Focus Bloc : Iconic models of the past. (#19)

Focus Bloc is an NFT vintage photography platform created for fine art collectors, popular culture lovers and dreamers of the past. We recover and curate iconic time capsules.

Camera Experts

Pelloche Moi : Vintage camera repair and shop. (#21)

Hadrian (Pelloche moi ‘s founder) is a passionate and skillful camera repair shop for whom every camera is unique and has a story to be explored.

His enthusiasm, respect and true fascination for vintage cameras has convinced us the he should be our official camera repair agent for the 99 Cameras Museum.

Edwin Molenaar : Catawiki’s Camera Expert (#10)

Schooled as a photographer. Working as an equipment expert. Helping people with all issues on photography equipment and technology


Adrian Langhammer : Ihagee Exakta Expert (#13)

Adrian is an analogue black and white photographer and passionate camera collector. He has been collecting Exakta/Ihagee cameras since around 2009 and lives near Dresden, one of the most important cities for the camera industry back in the days. He is unanimously recognized as an expert on Exakta/Ihagee and manages one of the most complete collections.

Federico Benincasa : 99 Cameras Founder (#0)

Federico is a software engineer and geek at heart with a long track record of innovation in the field of digital advertising, working and Product lead for startups like StickyAds or Purl and larger companies such as Comcast or Teads. 

Recently he co-created several digital collectible projects, including, a revolutionary white label NFT platform dedicated at protecting the artists rights in the NFT ecosystem.     

Federico believes that technology can create new ways of sharing passion and is committed to invent a new breed of collection experience that a community can share.

In 2020 Federico inherited a camera collection from his Father and created the 99 Cameras Club to turn it into the first ever shared camera collection experience.


Masis Usenmez : Street Photographer (#2)

Pierre-Elie de Pibrac : Photographer and Collector (#7)

Photographer / co-founder of @rhapsodycurated / creator & collector

life.anchors : Beacons of the real, analog world. life anchors (#18)

life.anchors captures scenes of life on film using vintage cameras. It’s about creating beacons of the real, analog world. A counterbalance to the fast digital world we live in. In the NFT space life.anchors engages a community by organising local events focused on art and web3 technology.


NFT Collectors

Antoine Bonavita : 99 Cameras CTO and NFT collector (#1)

Wim Van Cappellen : Visual artist, curator, collector, @obscuradao cofounder (#5)

Moby.eth : Builder, Founder, Podcaster. Mojoverse founder (#9)

DeWitt Fleming Jr : Performing Artist (#11)

I am a performing artist with an appreciation for visual arts, especially photography. As a result I am extremely fascinated with cameras and all of their varieties.

AlphaTrilogy : MetaJungle founding member (#12)

PARZ1V3L : Crypto, NFTs, and web3 enthusiast… I collect a lot of random things so this is right up my alley (#16)

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