Edixa Reflex – 91/99

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Germany 1952 – Compact – 35 mm – Rare.

The Edixa Reflex was produced by Wirgin in 1952 and was West Germany’s most popular series of SLR’s with focal plane shutter.

The Edixa Reflex was the early brainchild of a then unknown technical mechanic named Heinz Waaske that later created one of the most successful 35 mm cameras ever the Rollei 35. Its original name was Komet but Wirgin had to change the name after complaints of two other companies with similarly named cameras.

Wirgin created a superb machine, of great build quality and full of innovations produced for many years, under many models, all based on the same framework. It uses a focal plane shutter, feature M42 universal screw mount, have interchangeable prisms and focusing screens, feature rapid advance levers, and various degrees of mechanical sophistication depending on model.

The Edixa Reflex remains an beautiful camera to hold even if some small details make it a bit unpractical for use. Typically the early models  lack the automatic aperture mechanism to allow focus and returning mirror.

Another well know issue is the fact that the speed dial is a moving part of the shutter mechanism and is dangerously close to the shutter button, forcing the photographer to be very careful not to touch it when shooting. Nonetheless some say it’s little things like that that keep you on your toes and make shooting with the Edixa Reflex a more intense experience.

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