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England 1934 – Subminiature – 16 mm – Very Rare.

The Midget is a subminiature camera made by Coronet in England starting 1934.

The Midget was as small as a match box and designed to be used as a gift in cereal packets. The designers took advantage of the way Bakelite could easily be moulded into complex shapes and coloured in ways that were new to the camera world. This allowed for a number of color variations over the years ( black, brown, red, two greens and blue) and some small design variants.

Nonetheless the Midget is in every way a real camera and not just a novelty or toy. It took 16 mm film and would do six exposures. The camera had a single speed of 1/30th shutter with a Taylor-Hobson meniscus lens.

For its size and rarity the Midget series is  a collector’s obsession that makes sure to collect all five colours. The really dedicated collectors go for all the variants as well.

This particular camera series entered my father’s collection as my mother’s gift for his 60th birthday.

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