Kiku 16 (mod. 2) – 27/99

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Japan 1956 – Subminiature – 16 mm – Rare.

The Kiku 16, measuring under 6 cm, stands as one among the myriad of subminiature cameras that emerged from Japan in the mid-1950s.

What sets the Kiku 16 apart is its remarkably refined craftsmanship, seemingly crafted to emulate a miniature version of a Leica. A button located atop the camera’s cover, adjacent to the viewfinder, activates the shutter, while the cocking mechanism occupies the position where a timer might be found. The camera even includes a mock rewind knob at the upper left, reminiscent of those on 35mm cameras. Additionally, a knob on the front enables the choice between Bulb and Instant exposures, echoing the slow-speed dial of the Leica III.

Produced for just a year, the Kiku 16 retains its allure as an immensely captivating camera, evoking an intriguing sense of scale distortion upon handling.

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Kiku 16 (mod. 2) – 27/99”

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