Mecaflex – 26/99

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Seroa Mecaflex

Monaco 1958 – Compact – 35 mm – Very Rare.

The Mecaflex was originally produced in 1953 by Metz in Germany and was the brainchild of Heinz Kilfitt, who would later create the Robot cameras. German production was interrupted after just 1800 cameras were produced, only to be restarted in 1958 in Monaco by SEROA.

The Mecaflex is a small single-lens reflex camera that takes 24×24 square shots on 35mm film. In times when film was expensive, it was advertised as an economical approach, and the square format was said to be easier to frame. It offers a unique and very smooth design where the top hood opens to unfold a waist-level finder with a central split-image rangefinder complemented by a large full-frame magnifier incorporating a central loupe that covers the rangefinder’s central area. The beautifully finished matte-cast body makes it a wonderful camera to hold and use. A luxury edition covered in reptile skin was also available.

Its very distinctive design makes the Mecaflex one of the most appreciated cameras among collectors.