Brownie Starlet – 24/99

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United States 1960 – Compact – 127 film – Common.

The Brownie Starlet, a plastic, fixed-focus camera, was manufactured en masse by Kodak starting from 1957, serving as a prominent member of the successful Star series.

Although the Starlet might have been a common and budget-friendly option, its endearing appeal endures, making it one of the most charming cameras to ever grace the scene. With its toy size, charming lateral flash, and typical 1960s roundish design elements, the Starlet encapsulates the ambiance of an entire American decade. Kodak expanded the Star family with various counterparts sporting similar monikers, including Starluxe, Starmite, Starmeter, Starmatic, and Starflex, produced both in Europe and the United States.

These Star cameras stand as typical collectible items for novice camera collectors, often marking the inception of broader collections.

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