RolleiFlex Baby (K1A) – 2/99

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Germany 1931 – Reflex TLR – 4×4 cm – Very Rare.

The Rolleiflex 4×4, affectionately nicknamed the “Baby” Rolleiflex, entered production from March 1931 and continued until the midst of WWII in 1943.

The K.1A model marked a significant step for Franke & Heidecke, as it was their inaugural 4×4 cm offering following the introduction of the original 6×6 Rolleiflex. However, the Rolleiflex 4×4 encountered challenges in finding its market during the 1930s, largely due to its relatively high price tag amidst the backdrop of an economically challenging period.

This historical context sheds light on the scarcity of these models today, rendering them prized collectibles with a high demand among enthusiasts and collectors alike. The rarity of these cameras amplifies their allure, making them desirable pieces that hold a special place in the world of vintage photography.

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RolleiFlex Baby (K1A) – 2/99”

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