Leica I (Mod.A) – 1/99
First Leica series

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Germany 1927 – Compact 35 mm – Very Rare.

The Leica I, also known as Model A, was introduced at the Leipzig trade show in 1925. It is believed that Oskar Barnack coined the name “Leica” (a fusion of “Leitz Camera”) during his work on this camera.

The Leica I marked a revolutionary milestone, emerging in an era when most cameras were bulky and cumbersome. This compact 35mm marvel challenged the norm by being one of the earliest mass-produced cameras, allowing for candid and spontaneous photography that was previously hindered by larger equipment.

This fresh approach captured the imagination of photographers, propelling the Leica I to immense popularity. It garnered the favor of renowned photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, contributing to its iconic status.

In modern times, the Leica I remains a prized possession for collectors, embodying the essence of nostalgia and respect. Its enduring appeal lies not only in its historical significance but also in its profound impact on the evolution of photography.

The Leica I stands as a testament to visionary design and technological advancement. Its legacy endures as a symbol of the intersection between artistry and engineering, cementing its place as an authentic classic in the ongoing narrative of photographic progress.

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Leica I (Mod.A) – 1/99
First Leica series

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