Robot 1 – 9/99

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Germany 1934 – Compact – 35 mm – Very Rare.

Crafted by Otto Berning & Co. and later known as Robot, the Robot camera emerged in 1934 as a remarkable testament to innovation during its era.

Distinguished by its ingenuity, the camera employed regular 35mm film on a shorter stroke to create square 24x24mm frames. A standout feature was its distinctive clockwork mechanism for automated film advancement, enabling rapid succession of shots without necessitating a finger lift. In essence, the Robot 1 can be hailed as the pioneer of successful motorized 35mm still cameras.

This innovative attribute, coupled with the camera’s sturdy stainless steel construction, earned it a favored status, notably within the German military. Special versions found a home in the German Luftwaffe, underscoring its distinct utility.

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Robot 1 – 9/99”

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