C.P. Goerz
Minicord “gold” – 8/99

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Austria 1951 – Subminiature – 16 mm – Very Rare.

Introduced in 1951 by Optische Anstalt C. P. Goerz in Vienna, Austria, the Goerz Minicord is regarded as one of the premier subminiature cameras, standing alongside the Gami 16 and Minox in terms of optical and mechanical excellence, as noted by Paul Wahl.

Renowned for its meticulous design and precision craftsmanship, the Minicord allows extensive enlargement of 16mm films into large, high-quality prints. Resembling a pack of cigarettes in size, this camera operates as a twin lens reflex.

A handful of Minicords were crafted with gold metal and adorned with green or red leather panels, rendering them exceedingly rare and highly sought after by collectors.

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