Autofocus 660 “Crystal”

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United States 1982 – Instant – 600 film – Rare.

Few objects encapsulate the essence of the 1980s as profoundly as the Polaroid 660 camera.

Renowned for its instantly recognizable design, often seen in the backdrop of iconic films from that era, the Polaroid 600 is emblematic of the casual photography lifestyle it facilitated. It empowered an entire generation to seize fleeting moments, effectively pioneering the revolution of the selfie. The advent of Polaroid instant photography placed the art of capturing life’s moments at the heart of daily existence, serving as a vibrant reflection of that generation.

This variant, crafted from clear plastic to showcase its intricate electronics, was exclusively produced for display in dealers’ shops. Consequently, only a scant few of these models remain in pristine condition.

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