Auto 110 – 46/99

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Japan 1978 – Subminiature – 110 film – Infrequent.

Launched in 1978, the Pentax Auto 110 was a very exciting camera, causing quite a stir among photography fans. 

It was indeed a (super cute) miniature version of a 35 mm interchangeable lens reflex. Pentax engineers were the first to release a 110 reflex, equipping it with everything that could delight photographers.

It was presented and designed as the central point of a complete photographic system (called System 10) and came as a complete kit including an autowiner, two flashguns and three prime lenses, together with filters, close-up lenses and lens hoods. Everything would fit in a very ordered transport case the size of a hardcover book.

Opening the case gives you the mixed sensation of being both a spy about to assemble a precision device and a 9 year old playing with a toy camera. This is especially true with the “Safari” maroon edition.

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