Camera Lighter

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Japan 1948 – Lighter – Lighter fluid – Rare.

The K.K.W. Camera Lighter is very well known to camera collectors as it is often the first non-camera item to join their collection.

The K.K.W. Lighter is a beautiful example of Japanese craftsmanship. It was first manufactured in 1948 in Occupied Japan as a wick lighter and a butane version was introduced in 1958. Production stopped at the end of the 60s. It was only available as a set: lighter, cable release and tripod.

Despite it being just a novelty lighter, many details are a delight for camera lovers : The lens cap unscrews to reveal the compartment to pour the fuel. The antenna unscrews to reveal the button that ignites the lighter. The Tripod with foldable feet is screwed under the lighter, just a real one. The red button on the front slides right and left to lock the lighter. It even has a little compass on the front for some reason known only to its designer.

Even if it is not formally a camera, the K.K.W. Camera Lighter is such an iconic collectible it could not be left out of this collection, even if just as a bonus.

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