Leica M2

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Germany 1958 – Compact – 35 mm – Rare.

In 1958 Leica introduced the M2 as a budget alternative to the M3.

To reduce the price range, some features of the M3 were removed but none that would impact the ability to make quality photographs or to make the experience feel cheap. Typically the self-timer was missing (although later models will include it) and the film counter was external, and had to be manually reset.

Nonetheless the M2 was built with the same quality as the M3 and brought a major improvement in the viewfinder magnification to accommodate the field of view of a 35 mm lens. That feature had been long awaited by photojournalists that favored 35 mm lenses.

With such characteristics, what was to be the underdog is considered by many as the “best” Leica ever. Fans express it on countless pages on the Internet.

The M2 was produced in 85,000 copies, almost 3 times less than the M3 (226,000 copies) making them just as sought-after and valuable today. Manufacturing stopped in 1968 with the arrival of the Leica M4. 

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