Duplex Super 120 – 71/99

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Italy 1956 – Stereographic – 120 film – Rare.

Italian camera manufacturer ISO (Industria Scientifica Ottica) has gained acclaim in the closed world of prestige photography with its rangefinder cameras Bilux and Reporter.

The Duplex Super 120 that ISO produced in 1956 reflects the company’s obsession for quality, workmanship and design originality. The Duplex Super 120 is a stereographic dual lens camera allowing 24 stereo pairs of square images on 120 film.

The vertical design of the camera allows for the images to be produced in pairs next to each other instead of skipping frames on 35mm stereo cameras to produce left and right images. The film runs vertically, with the supply spool at the bottom of the camera.

The twin lenses are synchronized but in later versions a switch permits to disengage the stereographic linkage.  This feature allows for twice the number of images on the same frame of film by first exposing one side of the film with one lens and then the second with the other.

The design of the Duplex Super 120 is absolutely unique and bears the signature of Italian design from the 50s, making it an incredible collectible.

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