Leica III (mod. F) – 17/99

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Germany 1934 – Compact – 35 mm – Very Rare.

Succeeding the Leica I and produced concurrently with the Leica II, the Leica III stands out as arguably the most iconic and emulated camera design in history. The protective cover for the viewfinder and rangefinder has served as inspiration for countless imitations, a trend that endures even in the realm of digital cameras.

From a technical perspective, the Leica II and III bring a pivotal innovation: the incorporation of an integrated rangefinder within the camera body, coupled with standardized lenses, significantly enhances efficiency and usability without altering the camera’s overall dimensions. While the Leica III maintains the same features as the Leica II, it introduces the distinctive slow-speed module at the front.

The Leica III holds the distinction of encapsulating all the fundamental elements that would go on to define Leica’s signature style across subsequent camera models.

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Leica III (mod. F) – 17/99”

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