Rollei 35 S Jubilee – 18/99

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Germany 1974 – Compact – 35 mm – Rare.

The Rollei 35, a 35 mm miniature viewfinder camera manufactured by Rollei in 1966, holds the distinction of being one of the smallest 35 mm cameras ever crafted.

Heinz Waaske, the chief engineer at the German camera manufacturer Wirgin, conceived the design for the Rollei 35 during his leisure time in the 1960s. His aim was to create an exceptionally compact camera utilizing standard 35 mm film. Despite pitching the concept to Wirgin, Leitz, and Kodak, none of these industry giants expressed interest. It wasn’t until Waaske found support from Rollei’s managing director at his new workplace that the prototype camera transitioned to mass production.

Over the course of its production until 2015, approximately 2 million units (across various versions) were manufactured, solidifying its position as one of the most iconic cameras in history. Among these, the Rollei 35 “Jubilee” model, of which fewer than 3000 were produced, stands out as particularly special.

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Rollei 35 S Jubilee – 18/99”

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