Mecilux – 81/99
1500 produced

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France 1955 – Compact – 35 mm – Very Rare.

Created in the mid-50s by Paul Lachaize near Lyon, France, the Mecilux is a remarkable device.

Lachaize, a skilled artisan, ventured into industrial production using emerging precision plastic injection techniques. What sets the Mecilux apart is its focus on accessibility and user-friendliness.

Lachaize devised an ingenious dial mechanism to simplify exposure settings, where users could select weather conditions on a rotating barrel. Additionally, a “sport” setting could be activated with a simple lever tilt. Notably, the camera featured a cutting-edge design that allowed for the integration of a folding flash and a compartment for spare bulbs.

Sadly, a devastating fire struck Lachaize’s factory, resulting in just around 2,000 Mecilux cameras produced. Consequently, collectors cherish these rare and intriguing artifacts.

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