Snappy – 29/99

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Japan 1949 – Subminiature – 17.5 mm – Rare.

Konishiroku stands as one of Japan’s oldest photographic enterprises, with its origins tracing back to 1873 – a history predating even that of Kodak, which officially began in 1881. The company was established by Rokusaburo Sugiura, a pharmacist who embarked on selling photographic merchandise from Tokyo’s most prominent pharmacy.

Following World War II, Konishiroku gained recognition through its Konica brand of cameras, solidifying its place in the industry.

The Snappy, introduced in 1949, stands out as a premium subminiature camera offered by Konishiroku. This camera boasts a distinct trapezoidal body shape reminiscent of the Exakta model. Despite its compact dimensions (less than 6 cm), the Snappy incorporates features commonly associated with 35mm cameras of its era, such as a screw mount for interchangeable lenses and a winding lever situated on the back for advancing the film and cocking the shutter.

Distinguishing itself from the majority of subminiature cameras, often belonging to the Hit type, the Snappy was regarded as a genuine camera and was prominently displayed at camera counters. It even came with a set of supplementary lenses. Notably, due to its quality, the Snappy found utility in law enforcement circles.

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