Fashionflash 405 – 30/99

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Hong Kong 1980 – Compact – 110 film – Infrequent.

ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph) is a multinational corporation founded in 1920, specializing in the field of telephone communications. While primarily known for its telecommunications endeavors, ITT briefly ventured into the realm of film photography, albeit producing devices of limited interest. These cameras were manufactured in Hong Kong.

One such camera, the Fashionflash 405, released in 1980, stands out despite its relatively modest functions. What sets it apart is not its basic features, but its unique and distinctive appearance. The Fashionflash 405 boasts two lenses and a built-in flash. Designed to be the premium and stylish offering in ITT’s camera lineup, the Fashionflash exhibits a design aesthetic that draws significant inspiration from the Star Wars universe. Its appearance is reminiscent of props that could have been used in the original Star Wars movies, which were iconic blockbusters during that era.

The Fashionflash manages to encapsulate the futuristic look of the 1980s, and its design has aged remarkably well over time. The camera’s sliding motion, accompanied by a satisfying “click” sound, adds to the overall tactile experience. Today, the Fashionflash carries a sense of 1980s nostalgia, evoking a touch of Stormtrooper cosplay sentiment while encapsulating the essence of that era’s aesthetics.

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