Fed I Type A – 22/99
First soviet copy

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USSR 1939 – Compact – 35 mm – Rare.

The Fed 1 Type A camera holds a legendary status, representing a pivotal point in photography history. Arguably, it stands as the most significant camera ever produced in the Soviet Union.

Functioning as the USSR’s initial endeavor to create a high-caliber 35mm compact camera, the Fed 1 Type A closely emulated the pinnacle of its era, the Leica II. Impressively, the first prototypes were crafted within mere months, and mass production commenced in 1934, merely two years following the launch of the Leica II itself. Beyond its technical achievements, the Fed 1 Type A encapsulates the philosophical ethos of the Soviet Union, emphasizing production for the masses rather than the privileged few, as epitomized by the Leica within the Western world.

A true masterpiece of camera engineering, the FED 1 saw approximately 700,000 units produced between 1934 and 1955. The model showcased here, known as the “Sibir”, was specially designed with extended triggers and winders, catering to the needs of users navigating the frigid temperatures of Siberia.

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