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Germany 1960 – TLR – 35 mm – Infrequent.

The Flexilette (also sold as the Agfa Reflex) is a very unusual TLR camera produced by Agfa in 1960. The body is similar to a conventional 35 mm viewfinder camera but made a little taller with the extra lens and viewfinder grafted on.

Both lenses are contained in one single circular barrel behaving very much like an SLR. Optical extensions (looking a lot like clip-on lens covers with 2 lenses) could be added directly in front of the two lenses.

The Flexilette is a striking example of very creative design from the 60s that unfortunately could not compete with the more practical SLR that were arriving in the market at the time.

The concept was abandoned in 1964 leaving behind a very interesting collectible.

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