Gewirette – 36/99

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Germany 1936 – Compact – 127 film – Rare.

The Gewirette is a small viewfinder-type camera made by Wirgin in Wiesbaden. The name Gewirette is derived from the company name Wirgin Brothers (GErrüder WIrgin).

The Gewinette is a wonderfully crafted camera whose lens collapses into the body to make it more compact. To load and unload the film, the entire top of the camera has to be pulled off.

It came in a large number of  of shutter and lens combinations  starting 1932 until 1938 when the company’s founders Heinrich and Josef fled Germany to escape anti-Jewish persecution. It was later relaunched by a state run company called Adox as the Adoxette.

The Gewirette has an incredibly appealing design mixing pre-war nickel with leather making it a truly fascinating collectible.

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