Prominent – 85/99

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Germany 1932 – Folding – 120 film – Very rare.

The Voigtlander Prominent 6 X 9 went into production in 1932 and is probably one of the most incredible folding cameras ever built.

This massive folding camera was designed from the start to be a superlative camera and was sold about the same price of a Leica II. The Prominent introduced daring and never seen before innovations making it an incredibly fascinating machine.

The very distinctive looking rangefinder located on the top of the camera offers a symmetrical and very large double prism solution allowing a very clear and easy image adjustment. The eyepiece even includes a dioptric lens to adapt to the user’s sight. It is considered to be way more usable than the same period’s Leica.

Another incredible innovation is the space-saucer shaped exposure meter of the camera side. It contains 3 rotating elements on which to combine lighting conditions, film sensitivity and diaphragm values to simply extract matching shutter speed. The device even gives the corrections to apply for artificial light, arc lamps or mercury and nitraphote lamps.

The Prominent was a one of a kind experiment and was only produced until 1935 making it a very sought after collectible. 

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