Gelto DIII – 59/99
Jewel camera

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Japan 1947 – Compact – 127 film – Rare.

Produced in Japan by Tōa Kōki Seisakusho (Far-East Optical Works, usually called Toakoki) for about 15 years from 1936, the Gelto DIII was a desirable camera that definitely stood out on the shelves of the camera shops.

The Gelto is indeed a striking device with very stylish full-metal golden body with distinctive angled edges. It was inspired from the Gewirette but aimed at being a “jewel camera” with a very interesting golden finish and an elegant art deco design, especially in the models built after the war. The logo, beautifully embedded on both sides, finishes to give it a  lustrous look.  

The Gelto has a surprisingly heavy die-cast body for its size and offers a very solid construction. The unusual large lever on the top of the camera is used to unlock the back.

Without being very rare or specially advanced, the Gelto DIII’s unique design makes it a beautiful addition to any collection.

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