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Gemflex – 39/99
Twin Lens miniature

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Japan 1949 – Subminiature – 14 mm – Very Rare.

The Gemflex is an incredible subminiature camera. It was produced by Showa in occupied Japan in 1949.

The Gemflex not only resembles a miniature version of the well known Rolleiflex 6×6 twin lens reflex, but is operated like one. It is one of the smallest twin lens (pseudo) reflex ever produced, if not the smallest. Despite its incredibly small size of 7 cms, the Gemflex offers an unfolding viewing lens above the taking lens.

In reality the viewfinder is not a true reflex finder, with a ground glass indicating correct focus; but simply a large reflecting type viewfinder. The camera is incredibly well built, and uses paper-backed film, for a frame size of 14×14 mm.

Just like the Kiku, the Gemflex associates advanced craftsmanship with model making to create a fantastic (and utterly cute) collectible.

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