View-master Personal Stereo – 33/99

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United States 1952 – Stereographic – 35 mm – Rare.

The View-Master, introduced in the late 1930s by Sawyer’s Photo Services, revolutionized the way people experienced visual content. This ingenious device enabled the viewing of stereoscopic (3D) images captured on cardboard discs containing pairs of stereoscopic slides. These iconic discs, which often featured tourist destinations or popular celebrities, captivated audiences for generations.

The View-Master Personal Stereo Camera was a groundbreaking addition to this lineup. It empowered users to craft their own View-Master discs using regular 35 mm film. With the potential to capture up to 69 stereo exposures per roll of film, individuals could curate their own unique visual narratives. A comprehensive kit, complete with a cutter, mounter, and discs, was made available to facilitate the creative process.

The camera itself stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Noteworthy is its user-friendly “Easy-indicator”, a feature designed to intuitively aid photographers in setting the appropriate aperture and shutter speed. By aligning subject color (from light to dark) with prevailing light and weather conditions (from sunny to cloudy), users could seamlessly determine the optimal settings. With a design reminiscent of the iconic Kodak Bantam Special, this camera encapsulates the essence of 1950s aesthetics, solidifying its status as an iconic and timeless piece of photographic history.

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