SX 70 – 76/99
The instant revolution

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United States 1975 – Instant – SX-70 – Infrequent.

If there is one device that marks the entry of Polaroid in everybody’s life, it is the SX-70.

Launched in 1975 it was a revolution both inside Polaroid and for the entire photographic industry.

Polaroid research and development budgets for this project were enormous. The production plan was adapted and Polaroid built several factories specifically to manufacture the SX-70.

Core to the device is the film (also named SX-70) that offers a pack of 10 photos and incorporates a battery. The specific 6-volt battery powers all the motorized functions of the camera, including the ejection of the photo.

The SX-70 was the subject of many patents on the chemical formulas, physical support and movement kinematics. Starting in 1978, it was equipped with an automatic focusing system using the Sonar principle. It was a bulky appendice attached to the top of the device, uncomfortable but very innovative.

The first folding SX-70 (sometimes called Deluxe) was built in brushed steel and wrapped in brown leather. This specific version is a very desired collectible to the point that a gold plated anniversary edition was recently released by Polaroid.

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