Nicca 3-F – 69/99

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Japan 1956 – Compact – 35 mm – Rare.

The Nicca 3F rangefinder was produced by the Japanese company Nicca Camera Co. Ltd in 1956.

Nicca was founded in 1952 by Kichiya Momose and was known for producing high-quality cameras that were popular with both amateur and professional photographers. The 3F was one of Nicca’s most successful and popular camera models, known for its durability, reliability, and high image quality.

The NIcca is often referred to as one of the best “Japanese Leicas” (along with likes of the Leotax, Honor or Melcon) and featured a coupled rangefinder like the Leica III. The camera was available in both black and silver versions and supported Leica’s lens mount.

The Nicca 3F was a very appealing choice as it shared almost identical features with the Leica cameras of the time but for a more affordable price point.

Despite its popularity and high-quality construction, Nicca Camera Co. Ltd struggled financially in the late 1960s and eventually merged with the Japanese company Konishiroku (later known as Konica).

Today, the Nicca 3F has a bit of a cult following among camera collectors due to its history and rarity. It is considered a “hidden gem” among vintage camera enthusiasts and is often sought out by collectors.

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