35 Kodex No.1 – 13/99

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United States 1939 – Compact – 35 mm – Rare.

The Kodak 35 Kodex No.1 made its debut just prior to World War 2 as Kodak’s inaugural 35mm still camera produced in the USA.

It embodied simplicity and an efficient design, serving as an affordable entry point to Kodak’s product lineup. Priced at just $14.50 (equivalent to around $300 today), it stood as a budget-friendly option, approximately one-tenth of the cost of a folding Kodak Retina. The camera’s body, constructed from robust bakelite, featured various metallic panels, inserts, and fittings. Notably, the Kodex No.1 retained the distinct vintage essence of the lens/shutter unit inherited from earlier Kodak folding cameras.

While not exceedingly rare, this camera symbolizes a turning point for Kodak and stands as a captivating collectible piece.

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35 Kodex No.1 – 13/99”

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