Kiev Arsenal
Kiev 30 “John player special”

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Kiev 1978 – Spy Camera – 16 mm – Infrequent.

Starting in 1978, Kiev Arsenal embarked on a unique endeavor by crafting a distinct version of the Kiev 30 subminiature camera, cleverly concealed within a pack of “John Player Special” cigarettes.

Market as a KGB spy camera designed for clandestine activities within the United Kingdom, it is more plausible that the camera served as an expensive novelty item targeting unsuspecting Western visitors during the Cold War era. Its design was hardly inconspicuous enough to pass as a genuine pack of cigarettes.

The camera’s top section remains open, revealing a collection of faux cigarette filters. A protruding cigarette end is utilized for film advancement, while the typical aperture and shutter speed controls are situated at the bottom of the pack. This particular iteration of the Kiev 30, while not exceedingly rare, stands as a poignant symbol of the complex interplay between Eastern and Western influences during the 1970s.

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Kiev 30 “John player special””

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