Canon A1 – 87/99

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Japan 1979 – Compact – 35 mm – Infrequent.

The Canon A1 hit the market in 1978 and very quickly became legendary.

The Canon A-1 is a historically significant camera and was the high technology standard bearer of the landmark Canon amateur level A-series SLRs (Started with the Canon AE-1 in 1976)

It was the first SLR to offer an electronically controlled programmed auto exposure mode, making it a professional grade camera usable by the complete beginner. For the first time ever, Canon offered a “Program” mode where the photographer relied on a microprocessor to automatically select a compromise exposure based on light meter input. Virtually all cameras today have at least one program mode.

On top of that, the FD bayonet mount allowed using a wide variety of lenses, regardless of brand, making the Canon A1 a very “friendly” and flexible camera for creative photographers.

Generations of enthusiast photographers have crossed paths with the Canon A1 making it one of the most popular cameras ever built.

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