Cyclope – 11/99
2000 produced

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France 1952 – Compact – 120 film – Very Rare.

Produced in 1952, the Cyclope camera from Alsaphot is a truly incredible device. 

To reduce the size of a camera using 120 film, Lucien Dodin designed an innovative process where the image undergoes 2 successive reflexions before reaching the film. This unique architecture allows the Cyclope to be roughly as deep as any 35 mm camera of the time. It also provides the camera with very identifiable features such as the “hump” in the back to fit the two perpendicular mirrors and the obvious top positioning of the objective that earned it the name “Cyclope”.

Despite its creativity, the Cyclope was discontinued quickly, leaving behind a production of under 2000 copies, making it an incredibly sought after collectible today.