Bantam Special – 6/99

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United States 1936 – Folding – 828 Bantam – Very Rare.

Debuted in 1936, the Kodak Bantam Special stands as a contender for one of the most exquisite camera designs ever created.

Its distinct Streamline Moderne Art Deco aesthetics were masterminded by Walter Dorwin Teague, renowned for his contributions to Texaco gas stations, TWA branding, and early Polaroid cameras.

Constructed with a remarkable shell case and body crafted from cast aluminum and adorned with black enamel, its curves accentuate the streamlined effect. Originally marketed as a high-end luxury camera, particularly in the United States, the Bantam Special’s scarcity contributes to its rarity in contemporary times.

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Bantam Special – 6/99”

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